Ballet Assessments and Maintenance

richmond podiatry ballet dance assessmentsDue to the high amounts of force and repetitive strain injuries sustained during ballet, it is important that ballet dancers have their feet assessed regularly, particularly while they are young or before going en pointe.

Unlike many sports where the athletes require great shock absorption, ballet dancers do not have the benefit of high tech running shoes to help with shock absorption, so the foot is left to bear the force on its own.

In addition, dancers can compensate for limitations in their hip turnout by over-rotating joints in the knees, ankles and foot which over time can create long term problems.

A visit to the podiatrist can help to alleviate some of the strains on the ballet dancer’s foot before they become a problem (particularly if the foot is still growing. In addition Richmond Podiatry can treat some common injuries sustained by ballet dancers are ankle sprains, bunions, dislocated joints fractures and tendonitis. We also conduct Pointe assessments and educate young ballet students about looking after their feet in the long term to keep them dancing throughout their lives.

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