Diabetes and your feet

If you have diabetes, it is very important that you take good care of your feet to avoid serious foot problems. Diabetes can affect the level of Blood supply to the feet, lead to neuropathy (a loss of sensation to the feet) and impaired healing (which can lead to foot ulcers and in severe cases, require amputation).

It is currently advised that you should see a podiatrist annually to monitor your feet and assess and manage any changes to your:

  • blood supply
  • nerves
  • bony changes or bony prominences (bunions, curled toes etc)
  • skin texture

It is also important that Diabetics check their feet every day and follow the tips below:

  • Perform a visual check of feet daily to ensure there are no cuts which are not healing etc
  • Check temperature of feet and colour of feet (abnormal colour and temperature can be a sign of poor blood supply)
  • Ensure feet are dried carefully, particularly between the toes
  • Ensure feet are well hydrated and if the skin is dry, apply a moisturiser (avoiding between the toes)

At Richmond Podiatry, we work with GPs and diabetes patients to manage their feet for long term foot health and regularly participate in Team Care Arrangements.

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