PACT Fungal nail treatment

PACT Fungal Nail Treatment works to eradicate most Fungal nail infections using Photodynamic Therapy. The basis of Photodynamic Therapy is to use light and a Photosensitive agent which has been clinically proven to destroy fungi of the nail and skin. Richmond Podiatry now offers this treatment as an alternative to topical nail treatments and oral medications used to treat Fungal nail infections.

The PACT treatment works because of the interaction of a photosensitive gel, Light (at a wavelength of 630 nM) and Oxygen create cellular toxicity and induce fungal cell death without affecting surrounding tissue whose cells are impenetrable by the photo-sensitiser.

Treatment is pain-free and generally completed with 4 visits within a month and a review 3 months prior to treatment.

Treatment of Fungal Nail infections using PACT

Treatment Protocol:

  • Week 1- Preparation of the nail
  • Week 2- 3 PACT Nail Treatments within 1 week
  • Week 16: Review of treatment

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