School Shoes- how to choose the right ones for your child’s growing feet

It’s Back to School Time and for many parents, a time to buy new school shoes.

Here’s a few tips for making sure you buy the right shoes for your child:

  • Try to purchase Leather shoes if you can afford to- the natural fibre will allow the children feet to breathe and will wear much better than synthetic shoes. 100% Cotton socks are always a better option too
  • Look for a shoe which is firm around the heel and ‘cups’ the heel. Make sure that the heel is not slipping at the back
  • A Leather lace up is always a good idea, but if that is not possible (i.e.. your child can’t tie their laces or won’t tolerate such a fashion travesty- as in the case of my niece), look for a Velcro or Mary Jane Style alternative that still holds the child’s foot firmly in the shoe
  • The sole of the shoe should be relatively firm, but bend well at the toe
  • Choosing the size: Allow a thumb width between the end of the Child’s big toe and the end of the shoe
  • Choosing the Style: If your Child is a very active Child, it is a good idea to choose a Sports-like shoe or one with a sports style sole

Which Shoes did my son start Prep with last week? The Ascent Junior…. It looks like a normal school shoe, but has the sole of a sports shoe and is endorsed by the Australian Podiatry Council. It also comes in half sizes which was a big plus for us given my son is halfway between 2 sizes.

If unsure, feel free to email us for advise or come into the rooms at the Epworth in Richmond. Call 9421 4116 or Book online

Choosing School Shoes- Richmond Podiatrist