What is the Best Sports Shoe?

Podiatrists are often asked “what is the best sports shoe?”, a seemingly easy question to answer. Or is it?

Best Running Shoes Richmond PodiatryEvery shoe is different, just like every foot is different

People often ask what is the best shoe. What will be the best shoe for you, may be very different to what will be the best shoe for me. I have very ‘flat feet’, so need a shoe which will help to prevent excessive pronation (rolling in), whilst you may require support in other areas. But even that is not enough information. The fit of a shoe can make a huge difference to how well it works for the individual and the level of activity, type of surface you usually run/walk on.

No one Brand of Shoes is the Best for all People

A lot of people hear about a brand of shoe that is rated as the best shoes for runners for example and rush out to buy that brand of shoe. Whilst many Podiatrists (myself included) will favour certain brands of shoes because the company has a history of excellent research and development and generally makes good shoes, the brand alone is not enough. Depending on the points above- fit, purpose and the type of foot, one brand and model of shoe could be inappropriate to you, where another brand that hasn’t been talked about as much, may be better for your foot.

Sticking with the same model of Shoe for pair after pair of sports shoes could be a mistake.

It is easy to get stuck on a model of shoes and stick with it. It fits well, looks good and feels good to wear, but over the years, Footwear companies may change the design and last of a shoe, keeping the same name, just as car manufacturers do. As a result the Asiics Kayanos you bought 2 years ago that were perfect for you, may not be so perfect in the latest model.

So, which are the Best Shoes?

Your Podiatrist can give you an idea of the brands they prefer, but at the end of the day, your sports shoe should be fitted by a reputable sports footwear store who can assess your feet, and match a shoe to you. You may pay less buying shoes online, but you are missing out on getting the best shoe for you.